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I Have Been Charged, What Do I Do?

It is imperative that you consult with a lawyer quickly once you have been charged. Your licence has likely already been suspended pursuant to provincial legislation, and despite what the police may have told you, you will not get your licence back at the first court appearance. You only have 30 days to appeal this suspension. It is important to speak with someone who understands this process, and to do so quickly.

Appealing your initial license suspension is difficult, but not impossible. Appeals are made to the provincial Traffic and Safety Board, which is separate from the criminal courts and the criminal process. These administrative tribunals have their own rule. If you are familiar with them, you can understand how to be successful. Our team has a high success rate in appealing these initial license suspensions when an appeal is warranted. Evaluating your chance of success and getting the process moving is very important at this initial stage.

Preserving evidence early for the potential criminal trial is important. When you were arrested we weren’t there! We rely on you to describe the scene and the circumstances to give us the tools we need to mount your defense. Preserving your memory at this early stage can be critical at a later trial. Make notes, leave it and come back to it again later. The smallest detail can become critical at the later stage. Taking a video or pictures of the route driven can be useful in case there is an allegation of poor driving. Things like weather, construction and potholes can disappear by the time trial arrives. Preserving a visual record of the scene is important.


Information About Impaired Driving

  • Drunk Driving   >>
    Impairment by alcohol, including blowing over the legal limit charges (over 80, over .08).
  • Impaired by Drug   >>
    Includes impairment from prescription drugs, to illegal drugs such as marijuana or cocaine.
  • Refusal to Blow   >>
    Whether uncertain what to do, or because you simply did not want to, for those that said "No!".

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