Ignition Interlock Program

A person convicted of impaired driving may participate in the Ignition Interlock Program, which allows you to be issued a restricted driver’s licence that allows you to legally drive before the end of your driving suspension.

The Ignition Interlock is a device that is installed in your vehicle. A driver blows into it to start the vehicle, and the driver must blow into the Interlock while it is running. If accepted into the program and comply with its rules, it is legal for you to drive a vehicle with an Interlock device installed.

There is no requirement that you be the registered owner of the vehicle in order to have a device installed

For a first offence, the minimum waiting period is three months from the date you are found guilty.

A first-time offender who is given a one year driving prohibition could be driving again under the Interlock program three months from the date of conviction. For a first-time offender, it costs approximately $2,000 to participate in the program. There are costs to install the device, have it continuously calibrated, and have it removed from the vehicle.

The length of time required to be on the device can vary for those with previous convictions. The instrument is also a monitoring device, and the period of time required to be on the device can be lengthened if there is a history of "fails" on the device. Repeated fails can also result in the removal of the device and the restricted licence, resulting in a longer suspension.

If you can prove to the Transportation Safety Board certain criteria, you may be given an exemption from participating in the Interlock Program.

The Ignition Interlock Program is mandatory upon being convicted of an impaired related offence, unless;

  • You are a first time offender (or have no priors within ten years)
  • You give breath samples under double the legal limit, and
  • You apply for an exemption.

The Traffic and Safety Board requires that you satisfy them that there is no public safety concern in allowing you NOT to participate in the program.

We can help with understanding how to do this, and in making the application.

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