About Our Network

Our network of lawyers are independent practitioners who share our experience and knowledge with one another. Between us we have decades of experience handling thousands of cases. There is no situation we haven't seen, and no impaired driving case we haven't successfully defended. 

We operate all across Western Canada, appearing regularly in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan, at all levels of Court. We appear in every court room in every province, from Edmonton to Saskatoon, Kelowna to Regina, and everywhere in between. 

The benefit of our network is not only the sharing of knowledge and experience, but the collaboration of proven and successful lawyers in handling an ever changing area of the law. Successfully defending impaired driving charges means constantly adapting and changing strategies to meet the current legislative and practical effects of your charges. Our network of lawyers means that there is always more than one experienced lawyer thinking about how to successfully defend your case. This maximizes your chance of success in limiting the repercussions from what can be personally and legally devastating charges.

Facing impaired driving charges is stressful and confusing, and a DUI conviction can have repercussions that reach far into the future. Many impaired driving lawyers only think of the punishment that comes from the Court, not thinking of and understanding the potentially devastating consequences that can occur from simply being charged. We are not like most lawyers.

Our Founders

Brandon Tralenberg

Brandon Tralenberg

Brandon has dedicated himself to being a zealous advocate that recognizes that people sometimes make poor decisions and mistakes that can greatly impact their lives.

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Rod Gregory

Rod Gregory

Rod has proven himself to be leader in the legal field for nearly thirty years. He has helped thousands of individuals understand their charges and successfully assisted them in resolving their legal problems.

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