Ravi Prithipaul Bio

Ravi Prithipaul

Ravi Prithipaul has been the standard in impaired driving defence in Western Canada for nearly 30 years. Ravi articled with legendary impaired driving lawyer Peter Bruce Gunn in the early 90’s, and worked with this famous defender until his passing. He continues his practice in impaired driving defence, devoting himself to a specific and complicated area of the law where he has proven himself to be one of the best and successful practitioners.

Ravi has appeared in every level of court, from rural Alberta and Saskatchewan, to the Supreme Court of Canada. He is frequently published and cited in legal journals and blogs, and is consulted by lawyers across the country about impaired driving related offences. Ravi was President of the Criminal Trial Lawyers Association from 2001 - 2003, the second largest Criminal lawyer organization in the country. His Queen’s Counsel (Q.C.) designation is reserved for the most influential, experienced and successful lawyers, as he has set the standard for excellence during his lengthy and successful career.

Ravi’s knowledge and experience is only matched by his trial advocacy and success. Ravi has distinguished himself as a fierce trial lawyer, skilled in successfully questioning police witnesses on the thoroughness and accuracy of their investigations. He understands the complexities of a successful defence, beginning from the moment a person is charged to the time the judge delivers a verdict. Ravi has the experience and knowledge to handle your defence at any stage of the proceeding. 

Ravi’s success as a lawyer is matched by his personal excellence. Friendly and positive, he can explain your difficulties to you in simple language that you can understand. Ravi is a frequent traveler, and enjoys keeping active by cycling and running. He often competes in triathlon and Iron Man competitions, as he believes keeping fit and active helps him in his professional career.