Rod Gregory Bio

Rod Gregory

Rod Gregory was called to the Bar in Alberta in 1990 and has been successfully defending impaired driving offences ever since. He has travelled all over North America either defending criminal offences, or increasing his knowledge concerning the law and science behind impaired driving charges. His successful defence of impaired driving offences over the last three decades has been possible because of a skillful blend of practical, legal and scientific knowledge.

Rod has distinguished himself as a leader in the legal field. He was the past President of the Criminal Trial Lawyers Association in Alberta, the second-largest criminal defence organization in Canada, and he regularly presents lectures and articles to the Law Society of Alberta, the Canadian Bar Association and the Continuing Legal Education Society, to name a few. Rod has earned a reputation for being one of the best and most respected practitioners in the legal field.  

Rod’s knowledge concerning impaired driving offences is unparalleled. He travels frequently around Canada and the United States consulting with top impaired driving defence lawyers in North America. He was the Chair of the Legal Education Society of Alberta’s Impaired Driving Seminar, attends the annual National Criminal Defense DUI seminar, and is a member of the National College of DUI Defense based in the United States. He has worked diligently throughout his career to keep apprised of the scientific theory and developments concerning impaired driving offences, in order to offer the average person the best chance of successfully defending their charges.

Although professionally trained by some of the top organizations in North America, Rod can easily explain the personal and legal ramifications of your charges in language you can understand. He understands that it is his role to deal with the complicated nature of your case, while still making sure that you understand the process. Rod has ensured that he has both the legal and scientific knowledge to give you the best chance of a successful defence.

Personally, Rod prides himself on staying fit and active, keeping his mind and body healthy to professionally perform at his best. He enjoys running, swimming, competing in marathons, triathlons and the occasional Iron Man competition. He is also heavily involved in volunteer services, and continually tries to give back to his community, usually by participating in coaching sports with his children.